The Andersons are fairly recent immigrants to the United States.  David Hunter Anderson came to Fort Worth, Texas in 1909 to visit his "friend, Quentin Bone" according to the passenger list for the Furnessia.  Dave's brother, Thomas Ramsay arrived six months later.  Dave worked in construction and lived  in downtown Fort Worth until his marriage to Bessie Loraine White in 1911. By 1912, they had moved to Athens where Bessie Jane was born.  Back in Fort Worth, son, David Hunter was born in 1914.  The family lived on May street when Dave died of appendicitis in 1916.

As a next step toward completing the Anderson family history, we are compiling brief biographies for some members.  Clicking on the name will take you to a brief story of William Anderson, Alexander Anderson, Quintin Bone and David Hunter Anderson.

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